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Don’t stop selling: Sales strategies for hoteliers during the coronavirus crisis

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The outbreak of the coronavirus has had dramatic repercussions for global economy. The impact of the crisis can be clearly felt in the hotel and hospitality industry. Restaurants and bars have had to close and hotels are operating with a skeleton crew whilst catering for very few guests. Revenues have plummeted and the lack of liquidity threatens the existence of many hoteliers. However, this is not the time to stop selling. We have put together tips on how hotel operators should do business during the coronavirus crisis.


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The world may have been turned upside down, and lockdowns and social distancing mean this is not the time for a hotel holiday, but hoteliers should not curtail their marketing activities right now. On the contrary: The key is to manage the crisis so as to emerge from it stronger and as far as possible recoup some of the sales losses during the last two quarters of the year.

Newsletters and social media

Most hotels usually send out regular newsletters and have social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. You should continue to communicate via these channels. Explain your current situation and that you are looking forward to being able to welcome guests again soon. Hoteliers can perhaps also make special offers for after the coronavirus crisis, so as to secure some revenue with vouchers.

Contact regular customers

During the crisis, special attention should be paid to guests who have been regulars at the hotel. Hoteliers can use the time to show their regular customers gratitude and appreciation for the fact that they enjoy coming back so often. Guests are likely to be in an equally difficult situation right now and will remember the friendly message from their hotel. Here too, a special offer for after the crisis can be another opportunity to secure sales for a subsequent date.

Talk to people in the lobby

Hotel operators should make themselves available in the hotel reception area and talk to (any) remaining guests. This could generate opportunities to attract more guests to the hotel. There may be a guest who has a colleague in need of accommodation? Or you could discuss future bookings for the post-coronavirus period. Either way: Personal conversations are the best way to build an emotional bond with your guests, both now and also for later.

Keep a close eye on the competition

Now, more than ever, it is important for your business to be aware of how competitors are dealing with the current situation. Do they offer a food take-away service? Do they offer hotel rooms to doctors or nursing staff because their hotels are near a hospital? Hoteliers need to look at what other hotels are doing and consider whether these would be commercially viable options for them as well.

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