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Artikel für Gastronomie und Hotellerie zur Corona-Krise

Hier finden Sie Artikel mit Hilfen, Tipps und Informationen für Ihre individuelle Situation und den Auswirkungen durch die Corona-Krise.

 Am Apr 09, 2020 um 09:09 AM Uhr | Support-Hospitality | #Corona crisis - Support 

Management in times of crisis: How managers should act despite corona

A pandemic brings the hotel and catering industry to a standstill. Nobody can say with certainty how long this situation will last. There is growing concern among entrepreneurs about financial stability. Nevertheless, they have to find a solution for their employees in these difficult times. We have a few tips on how good management can succeed in times of crisis.


 Am Apr 08, 2020 um 11:12 AM Uhr | gastroticker.de | #Corona crisis - Support 

Don’t stop selling: Sales strategies for hoteliers during the coronavirus crisis

The outbreak of the coronavirus has had dramatic repercussions for global economy. The impact of the crisis can be clearly felt in the hotel and hospitality industry. Restaurants and bars have had to close and hotels are operating with a skeleton crew whilst catering for very few guests. Revenues have plummeted and the lack of liquidity threatens the existence of many hoteliers. However, this is not the time to stop selling. We have put together tips on how hotel operators should do business during the coronavirus crisis.



 Am Apr 06, 2020 um 01:05 PM Uhr | Support-Hospitality | #Corona crisis - Support 

Hotels during the coronavirus pandemic: The measures hotels should be taking to overcome the crisis

Hotels are particularly affected by the restrictions caused by the novel Covid-19 virus. Guests are staying away due to the state-mandated contact ban. And there is still no end in sight for this pandemic yet. We have summarised various measures in this article that hotels should be taking now to compensate for the financial losses being incurred during this coronavirus crisis.


 Am Apr 06, 2020 um 11:11 AM Uhr | Support-Hospitality | #Corona crisis - Support 

Deliver instead of serve in the corona crisis: How restaurateurs can register their restaurant with Lieferando

The corona virus forces restaurants to close the doors and stop receiving guests. But the kitchen and staff are still available. So why not continue as a "ghost kitchen" and deliver it by delivery. In spite of the fact that restaurants are closed, restaurants do not have to forego sales entirely.


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