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Live SupportHospitality An initiative of BauscherHepp | We support in the crisis


Support Hospitality NOW is a relief initiative of the BauscherHepp. As an international supplier of tableware products under the brands Tafelstern, Bauscher, Schönwald and Playground, we are internationally known for our good relationship with customers in the gastronomy and hotel industry.

In this crisis, we want to support you with information, tips and recommendations from our own little mini editorial team.

We want to help, we want to support and together with you we want to find solutions to walk together through the crisis.

We have set ourselves the goal of providing you with the best possible information and of maintaining a continuous exchange with you, even though our real strength lies in the production of high-quality porcelain.

Together we want to make your voice heard and, as partners, present possibilities for resuming regular operations as quickly as possible and letting you get through this extraordinary period as unscathed as possible.

Send us your questions, provide us with your own contributions and experience reports and work out ideas together with us to create ways out of the crisis.

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